Complications of the wrong way doing push ups

Sport is an integral part of the health system of life, but did you know that push-ups are the most important exercise for the health and fitness of the body? Did you know that the practice of push-ups incorrectly may cause in bringing about some health complications for your body? If your answer is no, defines us complications practice push-ups incorrectly and the correct way to exercise.

Exercises - Aldguetma are the problems resulting from the practice of push-ups incorrectly?
Cause exercise incorrectly in the incidence of many of the damage and complications, including:
- Cramp
- Injuries
- The futility of the exercise and the loss of their usefulness for the body

The correct way to practice push-ups:
The exercise stress of exercise most effective and influential in the body, during exercises pressure should lift the body fully to the top is parallel to the floor and then slowly declining toward the ground, you should do this exercise when the legs in an upright position or be knee based on the ground.

Common mistakes when doing push-ups:
Chin should not be bound down Vtkon the front is the first part touching the ground, because this situation may affect the muscles of the neck due to heavy pressure, which leads to:
- Pain in the head injury
- The top of the back injury
- Shoulder injury

It is also common mistakes is to reduce the body in a way rather than speeding down slowly, leading to injury back Baltrhl, has worsened the situation more when trying to lift the chin to flatten the body again from the ground, leading to chronic pain in the lower back and neck pain.

Tips for Doing push-ups correctly:
- Should not bend the body during exercise pressure, always.
- To look ahead and above the ground, which makes the neck in a straight line with the rest of the body.

In the end you make sure the proper position of the exercise carried out to make sure the correct posture of the body and avoid damage that results from the wrong position for exercise.


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