Walking reduces the incidence of diabetes

Seems to exercise no matter how simple, can help in the prevention of diabetes, since the walk for two minutes every half hour during working hours, may be enough to avoid diabetes.

I found recent New Zealand study to walk at a rate of two minutes every half an hour of sitting through work, would reduce the risk of diabetes, suggesting that any physical activity no matter how small may play a role in protecting the health of body and Oukaath of the disease.

This was a story a clear message to everyone, that sport is one of the best ways to meet the health and diabetes avoid it, especially with the growing number of people around the world, and the size of the large risks associated with diabetes.

And conducted the study, researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand, and show them that taking a chance for a walk every half hour to work Kadikhvd risk of millions of office workers with diabetes, arguing that walking for less than two minutes every half hour during the work was more effective than walking for thirty minutes before the start of work .

The researchers divided the test of three parts, first asked for it than seventy people properly sit for nine hours, and measured the level of sugar in the blood they have and the levels of insulin after an hour and four hours and seven hours, after having consumed before each measurement drink a substitute for a meal.

This test shows doctors how the body's absorption of sugar from food. The rise in blood sugar and insulin level indicator of the risk of type II diabetes, a major risk factor for heart disease and strokes.

In the second part of the test, he asked people walking fast for half an hour before sitting down nine hours.

In the third part asked them to sit nine hours, but walked nearly a minute and forty seconds every half an hour of sitting.

The results showed that those who walked for a minute and forty seconds just before you go back and sit down to work every thirty minutes, lowered their blood sugar and insulin levels, and the sugar levels have less compared with those who walked for half an hour before sitting down or who did not walk at all.


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