6 serious exercises for abdominal muscles

Everyone wants to have flat stomachs, strong, well-tight, prominent muscles, it seems that the demand for many elusive and more like fiction, but there are non-traditional exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles without trouble.

Above all we must recognize the concept of common and totally wrong, relates to work out your abdominal, as what people usually focus on the exercise on a specific part of the body to melt fat or muscle strengthening it is not entirely effective.

1 partial sit exercise
Seems an exercise traditionally abdominal muscles, but his performance properly achieves effect strong in burning fat accumulated around the abdominal muscles, and the performance of exercise does not require any sports equipment, and the major muscle upon which the exercise is the abdominal muscles only, but on how performance should lie on back and raise the legs at right angles obtuse, preferably Deuteronomy legs under something fixed with the laying on of hands are interlocked behind the head, to begin lifting the trunk slowly until it reaches a vertical position and then go back slowly again, and you should not use your arms at all during exercise and not to move the legs completely.

 2 Exercise lifting legs parallel
This exercise trains the muscles of the waist is strong with an iron rod hanging, in the starting position is clinging penis staying with legs hanging straight is bend the hips and knees together to the top, then bend the waist to also higher until it reaches the level of high knees to the level of the shoulders, then control bend your muscles slowly to the top and back to the starting position slowly, too, in the advanced stages of the exercise be possible to put some weight on the ankle to increase the resistance and helping to burn fat, exercise the muscles of the waist side can move the legs after the adjournment to the right a little to the left.

3 Exercises rubber ball (Swiss Ball)
Use a rubber ball or the so-called Swiss ball, and is the work of exercises tighten the abdominal muscles, a workout much like the first exercise; but over a rubber ball. The idea is due to be rubber ball made resistance to the movement of the body; causing the highest rate to burn fat accumulated on the muscles of the stomach, and this is done lying on one side to be the work of exercises focus on the muscle side of the waist using a rubber ball, it is above your بشبك arms behind the head and loosen the feet and a focus on the body using the muscles of the right side If what استلقيت on the left and vice versa.

 4 bends Exercise Russian
This exercise does not exercise the muscles of the trunk, but يمرن also lower back muscles, and depends on the speed of conversion trends, in standby mode is lying down on the back and raise the legs, it is important to install the legs under something solid or use someone else to catch, starts exercise an individual arms forward with catch the palms of her hands, then lift the trunk from above the ground towards the legs, and then turn around quickly to the right and to the far north, and then return to starting position.

 5 Exercise reverse bends
Lie on the ground and raise the legs a little kink hands behind the head is a starting position, Vtmaren bends flipped perform an exercise the muscles of the trunk the whole well, as well as contribute to exercise the muscles of the buttocks and lower back, after lying down on the back is put legs on the legs at an angle 60 degrees, Lift One of the knees toward the trunk at the same time in which we move the opposite shoulder of the knee (right knee with the left shoulder and vice versa) in the direction of the trunk as well. When the work of this exercise is the work of all the number of times the exercise on one side only, and then work the same number on the other side.

 6 tensile exercise using resistance reel
Standby mode for this exercise is a kneeling position, starts exercise to attract reel resistance using hands while maintaining Put your hands parallel to the front, then we attract the weight that carries reel resistance to bottom, are bending buttocks first down and then catch the waist and bend it also strongly to reach down slowly while maintaining the development of the wrist fully facing the front, and you return to the starting position and repeat the exercise according to the agreed schedule.


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