Best diet low in cholesterol and fat

Patients need to cholesterol diets to help them overcome a lot of complications, and abide by the diet low in cholesterol and fat. On the other hand, there are several basic rules that will help you determine the best diet for you, through you follow any diet or diet, these rules include access to healthy food, low-cholesterol and low-fat .. The following will offer you the best diet can be relied upon to achieve it.

Instructions for cooking meat:

When cooking meat, you must remove the grease and fat of all kinds of meat before cooking sausages, as well as remove the chicken skin before cooking, too.

When you cook the meat must be boiled or grilled or baked without adding fat to it, as well as for thickness must be roasted or baked, and can use spices and tomato and onion to taste.

Cook vegetables:

You must be boiled vegetables (as long as you do not specify the allowable percentage of oil in the event of follow Ndham diet low-fat) and must use a small amount of water, and you can add spices to taste.

Special instructions for a few cases of food cholesterol

Completely prevent the use of:

· Wild Quail

· Butter

· Cream

· Liver

· Kidneys

· Alnkhaat the

· Brain

· Trotters

· Hearts

· Marine products except fish (marine products low in fat but high in cholesterol content)

Vegetable oils can be used in cooking, such as corn oil, olive oil.

Used grease-free meat, fish or skinless chicken (only once per day)

Maximum use of eggs 3 pills a week, while egg whites can be used for much more than that.

Low cholesterol diet

The program includes the following components include the food

Calories = 2500 - 2700

Protein = 91 - 100 grams

Fat = 50 - 60 grams (18 - 20%)

Carbohydrate = 270 - 290 grams

Proposed meals .. And some of which can be selected for meals

First / breakfast:

1. One fruit or juice cup Text

2. Cup skim milk

3. Half a cup of corn flakes

4. 4 tablespoons bean or tablespoon low-fat cheese, or one boiled egg (max 3 pills per week)

5. Bread

6. Olive oil, one teaspoon

7. Tea, coffee (sugar or honey)

Second / lunch:

1. Vegetable soup without fat

2. Green salad

3. Stewed vegetables (laced with a teaspoon or oil Mar Green)

4. 90 grams of fish or skinless chicken or meat without fat

5. Half a cup of rice or pasta, potatoes or quarter of Bur bread or brown

6. One fruit

7. Cup skim milk tea coffee (sugar or honey)

III / Dinner:

1. Half a cup of fresh juice

2. 60 grams of cheese Quraish less than 5% fat

3. Green salad

4. Stewed vegetables laced with a teaspoon oil or Mar Green

5. Bread, rice, pasta or potatoes

6. Fruit

7. Cup skim milk, tea coffee (sugar or honey)

6 foods help you to burn fat

Indeed, there are some foods that are characterized as having high thermal effect, where it can help you burn fat during chewed and ingested. Moreover, there are some foods that contain nutrients and compounds to help increase and enhance metabolism and fat burning. The following is a list of the best foods that help burn fat.

1 - whole grains

Your body can burn more calories than doubled when eating whole grains particularly rich in fiber such as oatmeal, brown rice, compared to processed foods.

2 - lean meat

The proteins from foods high thermal effect. You burn approximately 30% of the calories contained in these foods during the digestion process.

3 - low-fat dairy products

These products are characterized as rich in calcium and vitamin "D", this helps maintain and build muscle mass, which is essential and vital to maintain a strong metabolism.

4 - green tea

Eating four cups of green tea a day, helps you lose 6 pounds (about 2.75 kg) of weight in 8 weeks. Where he works compound EGCG found green tea to speed up your metabolism temporarily . To increase your intake of green tea, retained a pitcher of iced green tea in the refrigerator.

5 - lentils

Contain one cup of lentils on 35% of the iron you need daily, and is considered a good command, where 20% of us suffer from iron deficiency. Experts believe that when body lacks to a nutrient, its ability to become metabolism and fat burning is slow, because the body is not getting what he needs to work efficiently.

6 - chili

Cabcisan is the compound that gives peppers, hot taste, which makes your body works to melt more calories. And you can eat raw, cooked, dried or in the form of powder or powder (activities). Experts recommend adding some hot sauce for the soup, eggs and meat.

Walking reduces the incidence of diabetes

Seems to exercise no matter how simple, can help in the prevention of diabetes, since the walk for two minutes every half hour during working hours, may be enough to avoid diabetes.

I found recent New Zealand study to walk at a rate of two minutes every half an hour of sitting through work, would reduce the risk of diabetes, suggesting that any physical activity no matter how small may play a role in protecting the health of body and Oukaath of the disease.

This was a story a clear message to everyone, that sport is one of the best ways to meet the health and diabetes avoid it, especially with the growing number of people around the world, and the size of the large risks associated with diabetes.

And conducted the study, researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand, and show them that taking a chance for a walk every half hour to work Kadikhvd risk of millions of office workers with diabetes, arguing that walking for less than two minutes every half hour during the work was more effective than walking for thirty minutes before the start of work .

The researchers divided the test of three parts, first asked for it than seventy people properly sit for nine hours, and measured the level of sugar in the blood they have and the levels of insulin after an hour and four hours and seven hours, after having consumed before each measurement drink a substitute for a meal.

This test shows doctors how the body's absorption of sugar from food. The rise in blood sugar and insulin level indicator of the risk of type II diabetes, a major risk factor for heart disease and strokes.

In the second part of the test, he asked people walking fast for half an hour before sitting down nine hours.

In the third part asked them to sit nine hours, but walked nearly a minute and forty seconds every half an hour of sitting.

The results showed that those who walked for a minute and forty seconds just before you go back and sit down to work every thirty minutes, lowered their blood sugar and insulin levels, and the sugar levels have less compared with those who walked for half an hour before sitting down or who did not walk at all.

Complications of the wrong way doing push ups

Sport is an integral part of the health system of life, but did you know that push-ups are the most important exercise for the health and fitness of the body? Did you know that the practice of push-ups incorrectly may cause in bringing about some health complications for your body? If your answer is no, defines us complications practice push-ups incorrectly and the correct way to exercise.

Exercises - Aldguetma are the problems resulting from the practice of push-ups incorrectly?
Cause exercise incorrectly in the incidence of many of the damage and complications, including:
- Cramp
- Injuries
- The futility of the exercise and the loss of their usefulness for the body

The correct way to practice push-ups:
The exercise stress of exercise most effective and influential in the body, during exercises pressure should lift the body fully to the top is parallel to the floor and then slowly declining toward the ground, you should do this exercise when the legs in an upright position or be knee based on the ground.

Common mistakes when doing push-ups:
Chin should not be bound down Vtkon the front is the first part touching the ground, because this situation may affect the muscles of the neck due to heavy pressure, which leads to:
- Pain in the head injury
- The top of the back injury
- Shoulder injury

It is also common mistakes is to reduce the body in a way rather than speeding down slowly, leading to injury back Baltrhl, has worsened the situation more when trying to lift the chin to flatten the body again from the ground, leading to chronic pain in the lower back and neck pain.

Tips for Doing push-ups correctly:
- Should not bend the body during exercise pressure, always.
- To look ahead and above the ground, which makes the neck in a straight line with the rest of the body.

In the end you make sure the proper position of the exercise carried out to make sure the correct posture of the body and avoid damage that results from the wrong position for exercise.

The best exercises for agility and fitness and body building

Provides fitness training, five important elements of good health.In order to obtain those benefits, make sure that your sports includes basic fitness exercises, namely: aerobics, strength training, and stretching exercises, basic exercises and balance exercises.

Exercises Whether you're a beginner agility follow the first steps toward fitness or a veteran practitioner hopes to improve the results of your exercise, I know that fitness training based on sound assets is essential. Within the following five elements to create a balanced routine.

1- Aerobics

Aerobics is a fixture in most fitness training programs. Help this kind of exercise to breathe more deeply and faster which increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. Whenever الآيروبك best exercises, the greater the efficiency of the heart, lungs and blood in the transport of oxygen in the blood to all parts of the body and become a complete physical and routine tasks easier unexpected challenges such as running your car in the pouring rain.
Includes aerobics any physical activity that uses large muscle groups and increases the heart rate. Try walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and dancing and water aerobics. Aim to exercise at least two hours and 30 minutes per week of moderate aerobic or one hour and 15 minutes a week of intense aerobics.
2-Strength training
Fitness muscle another key component in fitness training program. Can help you do strength training at least twice a week to increase bone strength and fitness muscle. It can also help to maintain muscle mass during a weight loss program.
Most centers offer fitness of various resistance machines, free weights and other tools for strength training. But you do not need to invest in a gym membership or use expensive equipment to reap the benefits of strength training. Can be used homemade weights - such as plastic soft drink bottles filled with water or sand - as well.
3-Basic exercises
Help the abdominal muscles and the lower back and pelvis - known as the core muscles - to protect your back and linking movements of the upper and lower body. Core strength is a key element of a fitness program right.
Basic exercises help to train your muscles to brace the spine and enable you to use the upper and lower muscles of your body more effectively. What are the basic exercises? Each exercise uses the trunk of the body without support. You can also experimenting with different core exercises with a fitness ball.
4-Balance training
Should the elderly in particular to include in the table of their training routine exercises help to maintain or improve balance.
This is important because the balance tends to deteriorate with age, which may lead to falls and fractures. Try to stand on one leg for a long period of time to improve the overall stability. Can activities such as tai chi to strengthen the balance as well.
5-Flexibility and extensibility
Flexibility is an important part of fitness. Require certain types of physical activity, such as dancing, more flexibility than others. Effective stretching exercises to increase flexibility, and thus can allow practitioners to carry out the activities that require greater flexibility easily. Stretching exercises also improve the movement of the joints.
As that regular stretching helps to relieve tension. For this reason, the activities of the proper stretching and flexibility are an important part of the program of physical activity.
Before that stretch, then Warm-up by walking or doing a favorite exercise at low intensity for five to 10 minutes. Better yet, extensibily after exercise.
- When your muscles are warm and expandable. If you do not play sports regularly, it is best to that you  do some extensibilitis on at least three times a week after the warm-up to maintain flexibility.

Golden Tips To Keep Your Weight Healthy

Maintaining a healthy weight is a daily challenge due to the tempting dishes mouth-watering.
To meet the tempting foods and thus maintaining a healthy weight, the following tips useful at this level:
1 - eat a balanced meal and diverse, and recommends the Harvard School of Medicine to be half a meal of various fruits and vegetables, and the other half comprises two quarters, the first consisting of foods rich in sugars slow absorption and fiber, such as whole grains. The other quarter contains the proteins from animal and vegetable source with rationing consumption of red meat and desserts.
2 - The use of the good fats that protect cells, and stay away as much as possible about the bad fats that exposure to the risk of atherosclerosis. If we take the opinion issued by the Agency for Health Security and French food, the good fats should account for 30 to 40 percent of the energy needed by the daily person per day.
3 - the full selection of products, because they are rich in sugars slow absorption that flow into the blood slowly without causing a sudden fluctuations in the level of sugar in it. These products are also rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
4 - a lot of vegetables being poor in calories but rich in vitamins and mineral salts. And prefer to eat vegetables raw or boiled. And has several characteristics greens, they contribute to lower blood pressure, and reduce the level of cholesterol in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and the incidence of Type II diabetes.
5 - Drinking water in sufficient quantities throughout the day even if you do not feel thirsty, and preferably been drinking in small doses outside of meal times, and, if necessary, can sip a few doses during the meal because excessive drinking impede the process of digestion. Of course, it is necessary to increase the amount of water during do efforts. The intense physical and at high air temperature and after fever.
6 - especially juices, you should eat one cup per day of natural juices, and sweetened juices should be excluded because they are supported by simple sugars quickly absorbed by the body, not to mention chemical additives and flavorings questionable.
7 - Do not be taking breakfast in mind because it is an integral part of a balanced diet, it is also very important to sharpen the body with energy needed to start the journey daily. The override this basic meal leads to the reduction of energy in the body burning, and to Anakrhh and eat larger amounts of food in the following meals. Anyone who thinks that jumping over breakfast helps you lose weight, as clinical studies have revealed that eating breakfast helps in weight control.

Fasting for weight loss

Although that is probably not probably the most functional -- or best -- eating habits, a lot of people utilize going on a fast so as to shed pounds or to cleanse your body involving waste, however some experts say our bodies are usually flawlessly designed with parts which previously do the trick. Exactly how going on a fast can be used intended for weight loss may differ simply by eating habits. A few going on a fast diet plans entail consuming outright drinking water or having merely uncooked food for a period of several times, while others limit foodstuff with different times. A number of going on a fast diet plans merely let beverages similar to drinking water, veggie juice, or tea, while others significantly minimize calories from fat nevertheless do not eliminate foodstuff entirely.

Really does Fasting good for weight loss?

After you rapidly, your whole body will be pushed to be able to drop straight into vitality retailers to have the fuel it needs to help keep heading, so that you will forfeit pounds. The particular huge dilemma will be just how long you might preserve which pounds away from. Because foodstuff was typically scarce for our ancestors and forefathers, our bodies are actually genetically designed to be able to combat the end results involving going on a fast. After you take much less foodstuff, ones fat burning capacity decelerates to save vitality. Subsequently, when you're in returning to ones typical eating habits, ones decreased fat burning capacity might lead you to store much more vitality, meaning that you're going to likely regain the pounds anyone lost and perchance actually wear more weight whenever having the identical calories from fat anyone would ahead of the rapidly.

As you rapidly, your whole body may adjust simply by cutting your hunger, so that you may at first think much less starving. However upon having ended going on a fast, ones hunger bodily hormones may relax straight into tools and you may feel hungrier and grow more prone to binge.

Investigation has demonstrated which going on a fast with different times might help folks shed pounds, although not intended for long. In one review, those who put into practice a alternate-day going on a fast eating habits shed weight, even when they will dined on many they will required about the nonfasting times. Nonetheless, they are able to not necessarily maintain the weight loss as time passes.

Can Fasting Clean your body?

A few going on a fast diet plans assert they can cleanse your body involving harmful particles. Nonetheless, there isn't a data which going on a fast detoxifies your whole body, or your physique actually ought to be detoxified. It can be by natural means built to get rid of waste over the skin color (by sweating), liver, colon, as well as kidneys.

May Fasting Assist you Reside Extended?

Research involving going on a fast within the two animals as well as people seem to suggest an association concerning calorie limitation as well as durability. In one review involving heavy people, the calorie-restricted eating habits improved marker pens involving growing old, such as insulin amount as well as body temperature.

Fasting might also increase durability simply by stalling the beginning involving age-related illnesses as well as Alzheimer's, coronary disease, as well as diabetes. One review revealed which passing up dinners every, because people with the Mormon faith based collection do, decreases the risk involving clogged blood vessels (the build-up involving plaque which can lead to center assaults as well as strokes). Nonetheless, it's not at all distinct using this analysis no matter whether going on a fast by itself or the Mormons' usually healthier way of life (they additionally refrain from caffeine, booze, as well as smoking) is liable for the improved center well being.

Research workers do not nevertheless realize perhaps the effects involving going on a fast translate into a proper enhance within life, simply because they haven't put into practice folks intended for long adequate periods of time. Nonetheless the technique of sporadic going on a fast, such as passing up a meal purposefully with an sporadic time frame, will be attaining interest. It appears to be a somewhat secure strategy to minimize caloric intake which is simpler for many to try and do. The info however just isn't presently there nevertheless nor will be this specific an accepted exercise.