Obesity threat to health

Numbers of serious made scientists in the world and research centers operate extensive studies in the science of obesity, treatment and causes, and finally two scientists from the United States and Canada obtained the King Faisal International Prize for Medicine for the year (2012) for their research mission in the studies of obesity and reached to the discovery of a gene that causes obesity.

And obesity rates on the rise for example, in the United States were obese in the rate of 15% for the year 1965 and the study of obesity rates for the year 1985 jumped to 18% and in 1995 jumped obesity rates to 25% and in 2005 jumped obesity rates to 35% and in Saudi Arabia Vqzat obesity rates for the year 2010 to about 33% in secondary schools and estimated number of adults in the quail America more than about 60 million this year and the percentage of obesity in most countries of the world, especially the developed countries like Europe is getting daily until obesity rates of obesity in children is on the rise.

Obesity problems

Do you rely communities that obesity is a healthy phenomenon to answer the question, scientists say, and scientific research that obesity is not associated with the health of any that chubby physically and has a weight of high upon the seriousness of great more than the seriousness of smoking and Almaslat known as well as drinking alcohol because obesity affects the bones, muscles, lungs, heart and blood vessels فالسمنة cause high blood pressure, fatty Faalansjh need increased oxygen and nutrients and to pay for the most powerful blood and increase the work of the heart when quail.

Obesity causes high blood sugar Vsmna of the abdomen caused a second type of sugar in the blood and obesity causes insulin resistance leading to high blood sugar. Joint pain and problems such as osteoporosis and affect the knee and pelvis and detailed change is the glory of collateral.

Obesity affect sleep where they cause lack of sleep and respiratory problems and this is because that obesity impair breathing and stop sometimes.

Obesity linked to cancer, such as breast cancer in women and colon when gender and gall bladder and uterus in women and prostate cancer in men, heart disease increase in cases of obesity and occurs atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease where accumulates fat on the roofs of the arteries interior of what is happening narrow veins and arteries which affects the blood flow has been blood clot occurs causing blood clots and sudden heart attack, the psychological effect in cases of obesity.

Fat people are concerned in the communities skinny or fat is where the so-called owners of the high weights or obesity owners and these are usually lazy or weak. In 2010, 600 billion riyals exchange for the treatment of obesity.

The definition of obesity:

Obesity is defined as an increase in the amount of fat in the body where the measurement of fat have BMI body mass index is defined relative acceptable to classify persons compared formulators physical and General related to fat college and this vision is true for BMI is calculated by dividing a person's weight in kg by height Surface. The figure of 25 to 29.9 is considered high weight while the number BMI of 30 is considered obese or OBESE so most are 30 numbers.

Measuring waist important person in operations accounts obesity where added to the BMI for abdominal circumference or waist, including the possible know the diseases associated with obesity. That abdominal obesity correlation food metabolism and has a relationship with insulin resistance and has nothing to increase inflammation and an increase in fat and triglycerides and increasing the pressure and these effects gravity greater than the increase in BMI, or body mass.

The fat cells Tfzz the semiconductor hormones called Adebukainz, and have a role in the control of insulin sensitivity and control appetite and when the accumulation of abdominal fat cells it change in Aladepokaenz and this promotes insulin resistance and increased appetite. The exercise to reduce belly fat in the abdominal area, as well as reducing fatty food and fattened the less insulin resistance and sensitivity and less appetite.

Causes of obesity

As scientifically proven in studies that there is a specialist in obesity gene and the presence of some of the food fattened as well as the nature of a person's life are all determined obese person and the role genetics plays an important role in obesity researchers also pointed to the physiological and psychological role for them an important role in obesity. And psychological and behavioral role of the individual is important and positive factor in determining whether or not obesity.

That increasing the weight of the individual depends on the internal factor of hunger as well as external factor (such as shape, taste and smell) for foods with gravity to be addressed and that increases appetite. As well as eating food intake over obesity and watch TV and sit for hours with him over in obesity in children. He has one of the research centers in America that sit at the TV every day for two hours, accompanied by an increase in weight of 23% and 14% risk of developing diabetes.

The factors play a big role in obesity and increase quail People at least have the sensitivity to resist hunger and lacking have planning centers appetite فيجتمع of them are several things which are genetic factors, and the food where they become unsightly and social factors.

And gets them the hormone insulin resistance and get a response for food Algelaasmk factor. Evolution in the treatment of obesity and maintain this development and this requires attention regulation and review of insulin resistance, abdominal obesity and changes in fat cells known Aladebukainz the loss of appetite regulation, and the low rate of serotonin in the brain, all of these factors should be taken into account.


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