Soup to get rid of the annoying fat ass

This system is based diet to eat soup plate to be a nutritious lunch, that Taatnaoulih from four to six times a day, with the intake of fruit pear at a rate three times.

Rich and certainly not from drinking large amounts of water, not less than 12 Cup, with exercise and not walk for about half an hour a day.

Avoid as much as possible about eating fried and fatty foods, preferably Madam you eat the grilled fish as an essential element of your meals.

Diet time:
One week and will get rid of fats significantly behind.


2 cupes yogurt + cucumber salad

How to prepare soup diet:

Initially careful to not peeling vegetables.


500 grams drew white

200 grams onions

Clove of garlic

1 Carot

1 Potato

Celery package

Half package coriander

Three liters of water

How to prepare:

Beat all ingredients previous pruning after the vegetables in a blender, with the addition of lemon juice, salt and pepper according to your need.


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