6 foods help you to burn fat

Indeed, there are some foods that are characterized as having high thermal effect, where it can help you burn fat during chewed and ingested. Moreover, there are some foods that contain nutrients and compounds to help increase and enhance metabolism and fat burning. The following is a list of the best foods that help burn fat.

1 - whole grains

Your body can burn more calories than doubled when eating whole grains particularly rich in fiber such as oatmeal, brown rice, compared to processed foods.

2 - lean meat

The proteins from foods high thermal effect. You burn approximately 30% of the calories contained in these foods during the digestion process.

3 - low-fat dairy products

These products are characterized as rich in calcium and vitamin "D", this helps maintain and build muscle mass, which is essential and vital to maintain a strong metabolism.

4 - green tea

Eating four cups of green tea a day, helps you lose 6 pounds (about 2.75 kg) of weight in 8 weeks. Where he works compound EGCG found green tea to speed up your metabolism temporarily . To increase your intake of green tea, retained a pitcher of iced green tea in the refrigerator.

5 - lentils

Contain one cup of lentils on 35% of the iron you need daily, and is considered a good command, where 20% of us suffer from iron deficiency. Experts believe that when body lacks to a nutrient, its ability to become metabolism and fat burning is slow, because the body is not getting what he needs to work efficiently.

6 - chili

Cabcisan is the compound that gives peppers, hot taste, which makes your body works to melt more calories. And you can eat raw, cooked, dried or in the form of powder or powder (activities). Experts recommend adding some hot sauce for the soup, eggs and meat.


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