Best diet low in cholesterol and fat

Patients need to cholesterol diets to help them overcome a lot of complications, and abide by the diet low in cholesterol and fat. On the other hand, there are several basic rules that will help you determine the best diet for you, through you follow any diet or diet, these rules include access to healthy food, low-cholesterol and low-fat .. The following will offer you the best diet can be relied upon to achieve it.

Instructions for cooking meat:

When cooking meat, you must remove the grease and fat of all kinds of meat before cooking sausages, as well as remove the chicken skin before cooking, too.

When you cook the meat must be boiled or grilled or baked without adding fat to it, as well as for thickness must be roasted or baked, and can use spices and tomato and onion to taste.

Cook vegetables:

You must be boiled vegetables (as long as you do not specify the allowable percentage of oil in the event of follow Ndham diet low-fat) and must use a small amount of water, and you can add spices to taste.

Special instructions for a few cases of food cholesterol

Completely prevent the use of:

· Wild Quail

· Butter

· Cream

· Liver

· Kidneys

· Alnkhaat the

· Brain

· Trotters

· Hearts

· Marine products except fish (marine products low in fat but high in cholesterol content)

Vegetable oils can be used in cooking, such as corn oil, olive oil.

Used grease-free meat, fish or skinless chicken (only once per day)

Maximum use of eggs 3 pills a week, while egg whites can be used for much more than that.

Low cholesterol diet

The program includes the following components include the food

Calories = 2500 - 2700

Protein = 91 - 100 grams

Fat = 50 - 60 grams (18 - 20%)

Carbohydrate = 270 - 290 grams

Proposed meals .. And some of which can be selected for meals

First / breakfast:

1. One fruit or juice cup Text

2. Cup skim milk

3. Half a cup of corn flakes

4. 4 tablespoons bean or tablespoon low-fat cheese, or one boiled egg (max 3 pills per week)

5. Bread

6. Olive oil, one teaspoon

7. Tea, coffee (sugar or honey)

Second / lunch:

1. Vegetable soup without fat

2. Green salad

3. Stewed vegetables (laced with a teaspoon or oil Mar Green)

4. 90 grams of fish or skinless chicken or meat without fat

5. Half a cup of rice or pasta, potatoes or quarter of Bur bread or brown

6. One fruit

7. Cup skim milk tea coffee (sugar or honey)

III / Dinner:

1. Half a cup of fresh juice

2. 60 grams of cheese Quraish less than 5% fat

3. Green salad

4. Stewed vegetables laced with a teaspoon oil or Mar Green

5. Bread, rice, pasta or potatoes

6. Fruit

7. Cup skim milk, tea coffee (sugar or honey)


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