9 healthy habits to lose weight naturally

Enjoy man health and fitness and vitality is essential not only for the health of the body, but to the feeling of man that owns lifestyle comfortable and quiet, is well known that health allows the human being to enjoy life to the fullest, either in the case of loss of man healthy lifestyle we note that there are how many obstacles stand in the way of enjoyment life, and because of the close relationship between weight loss and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, we offer you today through the "club" 9 healthy habits to lose weight naturally.

 Healthy habits to lose weight naturally:
1 - Eat an apple a day:
  The apple gift granted by nature for those who wish to lose weight, Vensahihtna you to start your day by eating an apple, whether by food or before dinner, فالتفاح contains "pectin" is known for his ability to fill the stomach, and thus feels satiety, so is eating an apple a day latest way to lose weight in a natural way.

2 - Drink lemon juice with honey:
 To lose weight in a natural way, useful and healthy we recommend drinking lemon juice with honey, Vallimon contains vitamin "C", which helps to increase the body's metabolism and thus digested food rapidly, so is the lemon using excess fat stored in the body and prevents excess fat from accumulating.

3 - Trying to drink the soup:
 You want to lose weight must translate them effectively in your diet, and we recommend that your diet includes soup taking care to have a healthy soup any kinds of vegetables includes Tatm, beans and ginger.

4 - Drink green tea:
 To lose weight naturally without making any Mjhodg advise you to drink a cup or two of green tea a day, green فالشاي helps to burn excess calories from 70 - 80 calories per day, also improves your metabolism.

5 - Add the authorities for meals:
To lose weight and stay in the case of satiation always recommend eating power and increased fiber Nohlak, especially green leafy vegetables are useful and nutritious and provide more energy and vitality of the body.

 6 - Avoid fried foods:
 To lose weight you should avoid fried foods and fast food no matter how tempting and tasty appetizers, because it increases the Don in your body

7 - reduce the amount of sugar:
 To lose weight and enjoy good health, we recommend reducing the amount of sugar as much as possible, Valskr adds a lot of calories, and that puts your health at risk.

 8 - Drink water:
Water is an essential part of your body, is known for its water that purifies the body of toxins and harmful chemicals Baloadafah it reduces appetite because it increases the metabolism, so you should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

9 - exercise:
To lose weight naturally must exercise at least 4 times a week, sport is the easiest and most important ways that help you lose weight and burn fat, should know dear reader, that any means of weight loss without exercise does not benefit in them, in other words, sport is to be him to come fruits diet.


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