10 Steps easier to flatten the abdomen

How annoying to see an limpness in any area of ​​our body, especially if they are in the abdominal area I came but easy steps to flatten the abdomen I hope that you will find the interest
Many suffer from the problem of the abdomen is stretched and flat stomach is, we know it's a problem is grainy never! So we collected for you 10 easy steps you get a flat tummy and tight

1 - Practice  sport walking or running for 30 minutes at least 3 days a week, so we have activated the production process of metabolism and help your body to lose more fat and grease.

2 - avoid sugar! We know that to completely get rid of sugar in your food is difficult so we advise you to do so gradually, for example Begin put one tablespoon instead of two tablespoons of coffee or tea, and so even Ttakchi of the largest possible proportion of sugar in your food.

3 - Practice sport Alblatys and of which gives a great result in a tummy tuck and stomach. You can buy a CD for the education and practice of this sport in your home.

4 - Eat more fiber and avoid harmful carbohydrates that are available in abundance in white bread, pasta, potatoes, and others. Fibers are available in brown bread and rice, it is also available in fruits and vegetables Vokthrey them.

5 - Eat skim milk instead of whole milk.

6 - Do some exercises tummy tuck and stomach 3 times a week at least.

7 - Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day is regulated eat and helps in the digestion process.

8 - Stop eating before at least 3 hours of going to sleep so .the stomach to digest the food. If you are very hungry Eat little vegetables or fruits.

9 - Try to eat small meals every 3 hours during the day rather than two servings or 3 large meals It helps to burn fat better.

10 - Reward yourself Bokltk a favorite between now and then so do not dictate!


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